We never build without a solid basis – or put another way: A Glorit villa is only ever sold together with the land it is built on. We never build on third-party land as a general rule. The advantage of this is that deciding on a Glorit villa means you do not have to worry about finding a plot of land as well – the prime location is therefore included in the price.

Plots of land

Land is rarely to be had by itself, as Glorit only has land that comes with a customised house. Excellent grounds, as it were, to go with Glorit. Because you will have two reasons to be happy. A plot of land in a prime location and an exclusive villa in top Glorit quality.

We do not have any land for individual villa projects in our portfolio at the moment. In addition to the 30 or 40 house-building projects currently ongoing (you can find these under Houses), we are also working on a range of other projects that will be available in the future.
Choose the best house for you from the more than 100 projects Glorit has running at any one time – just ask. It’ll be worth it.