Building on Glorit also
means building on our partners.



This means that, when it comes to our partners, not only do we have a long history of working well together, but we all believe in striving for absolute perfection.


"It is particularly important for me, as a trustee and someone who draws up contracts, to work with partners who are both professional and reliable. The most important things if you want satisfied customers are having an uncompromising approach to quality and ensuring fair cooperation across the board when handling real estate transactions. Glorit is at the side of the customer right up until the keys are handed over, meaning that the customer secure their dream home ‘without any headaches’!"


"Real teamwork is what characterises our many years of working together with Glorit. The line between contractor and planner takes a back seat to the overriding objective, namely to reach the highest levels of living quality and well-being for the users. While these qualities cannot be tangibly measured, they become very apparent in your daily living experience. Our long experience together helps us incorporate these very qualities in the projects from an architectural standpoint. And it is precisely these qualities that our customers feel, recognise and appreciate."


"BDO is one of the largest and most renowned auditing and tax consulting firms in Austria, with a history extending back more than fifty years. Our diversity is reflected in the range of clients we support.
A key factor behind the success of our daily work is the support with give our clients in keeping track of opportunities and risks along the entire value chain at all times. We do this by providing reliable facts and figures, services and solutions. They help our customers assess options and take action that enables them to cement and build on their position in the market – a perfect way of preparing for future challenges.
Throughout our business relationship with Glorit, which has been ongoing for several years, we have particularly appreciated the extremely good, clear and quick standard of communication, making it possible to offer the best solutions to meet the respective challenges."


"We have been at the side of Glorit Bausysteme GmbH as a banking partner for many years and hold the company in high esteem thanks to its reliability, professionalism and innovative strength. In our capacity as a sustainably-minded regional bank, we see it as one of our core tasks to support companies on their journey of responsible sustainability."



"We have been working with Glorit in a manner characterised by mutual trust and appreciation since 2003. In our capacity as a regionally anchored local bank, we support Glorit e.g. in its residential construction and property acquisition undertakings and we have been able to contribute to the company’s impressive expansion in recent years as a strong, reliable partner.
As bank advisors, we appreciate the high degree of professionalism and the value of the word of the two Managing Directors Stefan Messar and Lukas Sattlegger, as well as the Head of Finance, Prok. Alfred Peschek."


"I have been working alongside Glorit helping it handle and finance residential properties for a number of years now.
My experience with Glorit is that it is a competent and reliable partner that can be taken at its word.
I look forward to continuing our partnerships in keeping with the spirit of working together."


"The most perfect moments are experienced at a place where everything fits. A place where you can feel at home. We create this place together with Glorit. Each kitchen is customized and tailor-made, a place where you can take refuge in your private sphere. Glorit and bulthaup want people to feel at home in the kitchen. This is a special partnership, because we have the same objective."


"Attributes such as ‘correct’, ‘thoughtful’, ‘determined’, ‘diligent’ and ‘accurate’ are motivating and testify to a decade-long collaboration with the successful company Glorit. We work to support projects in our area of expertise in the best possible way, from the perspective of surveying and building laws to the stages of planning and subsequent performance on the building site. At Glorit, highly skilled professionals make the right decisions quickly and the human element delivers a particular boost."


"Glorit creates quality of life and brings the dreams of its customers to life with its projects. Being able to play a role here is something that fills us with pride.
What we particularly appreciate about Glorit is the ease with which projects are handled, combined with communication that is always friendly and uncomplicated. Competence and quality customer care are not just empty words within the Glorit family. We look forward to many more projects together."


"Glorit and Mölzer are brought together by their high standards of quality and service. Our many years of close cooperation benefit Glorit’s customers, whose satisfaction is our top priority." (Johann Mölzer)


"Glorit has been a client of our media agency since 2017. We appreciate the partnership and professional cooperation and are pleased to be able to play a role in helping Glorit promote numerous exciting projects."

We hold our partners to the same high quality standards as we do for us. This is only way to guarantee the very best for you at every single stage.
This means that, when it comes to our partners, not only do we have a long history of working well together, but we all believe in striving for absolute perfection.